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gulf coast direct primary care

Gulf Coast Direct Primary Care aims to provide affordable, convenient, high quality medical care to patients in Southwest Florida. No gimmicks.  Just high quality, evidence-based medicine provided by your own personal physician at an affordable price.

Just one low monthly membership fee provides virtually unlimited access to your physician - no copays, deductibles, or hidden charges.

What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) connects patients directly with a primary care physician, eliminating third party payers such as insurance and government programs. DPC allows physicians to provide optimal health care at affordable prices, and improves access to care.


DPC is not health insurance, and will not cover catastrophic expenses like hospitalizations or surgeries. Patients are advised to carry a high deductible health insurance plan for such emergencies.


However, pairing a DPC membership with a high deductible health care plan can save patients money on insurance premiums compared to traditional health insurance plans.

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